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Sprague Europe B.V. is a dedicated third-party repair vendor for enterprise computing hardware. With over 20 years of experience for in-dept repair, Sprague has been providing micro mechanic and chip level board repair services for service companies and end-users over the world. Both for the leading OEMs as the local service providers.

With highly controlled and fixed processes and quality gates Sprague ensures to be a reliable source for the most sensitive and high valued products that keeps our worldwide data infrastructure moving.

In 1999 Sprague started with the repair of read / write heads for tape storage equipment. After that it extended the business to the newest generation LTO drives, Tape Storage Robotics, Network Switches, Storage Controllers and Servers. With the main goal to keep being an independent source and reducing the material costs, it focused on adopting and creating new techniques to increase the overall yield. 

For repair pricing and RFQs you can contact the sales department 
(mail: or phone: +31(0)24 344 5886)
  • Customized solutions
  • 100% In house service
  • Can use harvested parts
  • Worldwide shipping
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