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Sprague Europe B.V. it's core business always has been the repair and resale of enterprise computing hardware like network switches and LTO tape drives. But mainly we are very passionate about Reverse Logistics and Reverse Engineering.

With receiving partner awards by globally leading OEMs like Dell we have been striving to provide custom solutions to improve your KPIs and overall customer experience. 
We can help you with your IT Advanced Disposition projects, all of your repair services, provide secure data erasure in our in-house secured area, help you with your (e)-Warehousing, or even support you with complete fulfilment and logistics & warranty handling solutions. 

Sprague Europe B.V. is a flexible, independent and owner operated company with a flat organization that can level with corporate needs, where dedicated account management, custom reporting, and ownership counts.  
  • Customized solutions
  • 100% In house service
  • Can use harvested parts
  • Worldwide shipping
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